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Help us Bring Universal Broadband Internet Access to the Yakima Valley by Taking the One-Click Speed Test

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Many people in our valley have NO access to the internet or it may be slow and unreliable. That’s a problem and an even bigger problem with COVID-19 impacts. Without internet, families can’t access education for their children, connect to doctors, apply for work or financial assistance, or maintain important social connections while isolated. The internet isn’t a luxury—it’s essential to our community’s health, education and quality of life.

Right now, community partners are working together to collect data about the speed of the internet and availability throughout our region. The data will be used to request funding from federal, state and philanthropic sources to help improve the broadband infrastructure and put essential technology in the hands of communities and families to allow all residents equal access to education, health and other vital resources.

You can help! Take the speed test below to determine the strength and speed of your internet connection.


Advocate to leverage federal, state, and local resources to improve broadband internet services throughout the Yakima Valley

Take the One-Click Test

Please click the link below to test the wi-fi from your home.

Take the test

Don’t have access to the internet at your location? You can still take the test with your smart phone or cellular device and let us know why internet access isn’t available where you are located. Test multiple times from various locations to check if speed or access varies.

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The One-Click Speed Test Is

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Together, we can help bring high-speed internet to the entire Yakima Valley

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take the test from my phone?

Yes, but make sure you are on wi-fi/internet at the address where you are located (not cellular data) and list that address in the survey. The test works best if no one is streaming videos or playing online games during the test. If you use a VPN, please turn it off during the test. If you do not have internet access where you are at, the survey will allow you to explain why the internet is not available to you at that address.

How can I trust this survey is legitimate and won’t allow access to data on my computer?

The survey is provided by the Washington State Department of Commerce. Visit their site for more information about this survey.

What if I don’t have internet?

No internet? Your participation is even more important. Understanding gaps in internet access will help our community justify why we need funding for high-speed internet for everyone. The speed test survey will ask you a few simple questions and your lack of access documented.

Don’t have internet?
Take our 1-minute phone survey:
Spanish: (888) 527-0022
English: (844) 225-7125

How do I read the results?

Everyone has different services available through different providers. You can check with your service provider to be sure the speed shown by the test matches what you’ve signed up for in your internet service agreement. Our goal is not the individual test results, but the results throughout the community to assess community need. Your participation will help us determine and illustrate that need.

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